Designed for your birds and to look good in your garden

Our Aviaries are hand built at our factory space in Penrose, Auckland. We create our Aviaries using slim galvanised Steel to produce a strong yet aesthetically pleasing design that will look good in your garden for many years to come. We are also able to build an Aviary to fit your custom requirements just give us a call on 09 5797496 and we can assist you.

  • Slim Galvanised steel frame
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Peck free structure
  • 1.9m height throughout
  • 12mm square mesh
  • 600mm protected roosting area
  • Available in two widths and three lengths
Steel Aviary Auckland

Aviary from $768

Hexigan Aviary Auckland

Aviary from $858

Custom Aviary Auckland

Price & size on application


Fully Assembled

Custom Aviaries Auckland
Aviary 1900mm 950mm 1500mm $768
Aviary 1900mm 950mm 2400mm $966
Aviary 1900mm 950mm 3300mm $1254
Double Safety Door 1900mm 950mm 900mm $485
Aviary 1900mm 1900mm 2400mm $1597
Aviary 1900mm 1900mm 3300mm $2127
Internal Safety Door $290
Small Feeder Access Door $65
Hexagonal Aviary 2100mm 1600mm   $858
75 x 50 Hexagonal Tanalised Timber Base $103
 *All prices include GST