Dog Fencing & Pet Security Panels

Individual panels to secure your pet space

The panels are sold individually to make up an enclosure to suit your space and pet/pets requirements. Suitable for dogs, cats, goats, sheep etc. Panels are connected with tie wires which are supplied with the panels of your choice. We are also able to build panels to fit your custom requirements just give us a call on 09 5797496 and we can assist you.

Flexible Modular Components

Design your own shape, size and height of enclosure

Standard Pet Security Panel

Standard Panel

Use on end for high enclosures or on side for low enclosures

Door Pet Security Panel

Door Panel

Use on end only but may be used for full height walk-in door to high or low enclosures

Pet security Panel Auckland

Panel with Opening

Use on end for high enclosures or on side for low enclosures

 Pet Security Panels Auckland

Arthurs Kennel Panel

Can be used with panel PSP3 either for high or low enclosures or on it's own for low enclosures

Square Pet Security Panel

Square Panel

Use on low enclosures and also provide roof panels if required on high enclosure runs

Low door pet run panel

Low Door Panel

Use on low enclosure runs where walk-in door is not required


Pet Security Panels

STANDARD PANEL 1840 x 1030mm approx PSP1 - 75 75MM $95  
PSP1 - 50 50MM $111  
DOOR PANEL 1840 x 1030mm approx PSP2 - 75 75MM $149
PSP2 - 50 50MM $164
PANEL WITH OPENING 1840 x 1030mm approx PSP3 - 75 75MM $95
PSP3 - 50 50MM $111
PSP4 - L LARGE $84
SQUARE PANEL 1030 x 1030mm approx PSP5 - 75 75MM $67
PSP5 - 50 50MM $74
LOW DOOR PANEL 1030 x 1030mm approx PSP6 - 75 75MM $120
PSP6 - 50 50MM $128

* All prices include GST